Episode 1: Beyond Shame

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Show Notes:

In this episode Chelsea and Ana talk about how they found the Beyond Series by Kit Rocha and discuss the first book in the series Beyond Shame.

In Beyond Shame, Noelle Cunningham is cast out of Eden and finds not only sanctuary but love and family when she is rescued by Jas and the O’Kanes.

Bree Bridges and Donna Herren, the writing duo behind Kit Rocha, lay the foundation of their ambitious post-apocalyptic SFR/Erotic Romance series, in Beyond Shame,  introducing key characters, themes and sketching out the political arc of the series. Chelsea and Ana talk about their favorite characters, their love of the worldbuilding and politics of #thesectors turned them into #okanesforlife.

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Ana Coqui reviews romance, SFF and more at AnaCoqui: Immersed in Books and Love in Panels and on Twitter

Chelsea Outlaw co-hosts the Not Now I’m Reading podcast with Kay Taylor Rea.  She is @anoutlawlife on Twitter.

Beyond The Sectors Podcast

It stars with a tweet:

I’m in. Who’s with me? https://t.co/QyS1cZozVK — Chelsea, but Cold ❄ (@anoutlawlife) January 4, 2019

Last month in fit of enthusiasm I decided that yes, I was in.  Chelsea and I (Ana Coqui) will be recording out first podcast this week and publishing it next week.  We plan to do episodes on each of the books and then branch off into other directions in the Kit Rocha Beyondverse.

We are both passionate about this series and I can’t wait to chat with Chelsea about the things that drew her in, and compare notes on worldbuilding, character arcs and such.


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