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Ana and Chelsea giddily discuss the tumultuous romance between the King and Queen of Sector Four. Dallas and Lex have been circling around each other for years, risk and desire in balance until an inflammatory tattoo changes everything.

In Beyond Control, high-stakes negotiations, dangerous double-edged offers, secret vulnerabilities and big mistakes endanger Lex and Dallas relationship and the unity of the O’Kanes. Chelsea and Ana discuss the complications caused by the intersection of Dallas and Lex’s public and private personas and just how close Dallas comes to destroying it all.

Join us as we unpack what is private and what is political and how Kit Rocha keeps expanding the world of the O’Kanes and raising the stakes in Beyond Control. This is the book that made us both realize just how special this series is.

Listen in as we discuss the power, consent, & trust dynamics in Beyond Control.

Also in this episode we gush about some of new characters we are introduced to in this book, including Gideon, Jade, Avery. We also update where Ace, Rachel, Cruz & Bren and Six’s relationship are progressing.

Episode Two Transcript available here!

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Chelsea Outlaw co-hosts the Not Now I’m Reading podcast with Kay Taylor Rea.  She is @anoutlawlife on Twitter.

Ana Coqui reviews romance, SFF and more at AnaCoqui: Immersed in Books and Love in Panels and on Twitter

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Ana Coqui & Chelsea Outlaw are long-time Kit Rocha fans. We love the #Beyondverse and want to share our love for these novels with other readers

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