Episode 9: Closed Doors & Blank Canvas

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Closed Doors and Blank Canvas by Kit Rocha

In this episode Ana and Chelsea discuss the storytelling and world-building nuggets embedded in these two “Beyond the HEA” vignettes, that explore the growth and changes to Lex & Dallas, Jas & Noelle and Rachel, Ace and Cruz ‘s relationships since the end of their books.

Both books are set as the Sectors and Eden are at the brink of war, and these couples & triads take some time away to be together and showcase how much the series has evolved since we first met them. We talk about the radical acts of hope and love in action that take place in these stories, from momentous choices to smaller promises.

Did you read the vignettes as your worked through the series, or did you discover them after the fact?

Books Mentioned:

The Complete Beyond Series Book Bundle
Beyond Shame
Beyond Control
Beyond Denial
Beyond Jealousy
Beyond Innocence
Beyond Ruin
Gideon’s Riders
The Silver Devils/Mercenary Librarians

Where to Find us on the Web:

Chelsea Outlaw co-hosts the Not Now I’m Reading podcast with Kay Taylor Rea.  She is @anoutlawlife on Twitter.

Ana Coqui reviews romance, SFF and more at AnaCoqui: Immersed in Books and Love in Panels and on Twitter

Published by beyondthesectors

Ana Coqui & Chelsea Outlaw are long-time Kit Rocha fans. We love the #Beyondverse and want to share our love for these novels with other readers

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