Episode 6: Beyond Addiction

Find the newest episode of Beyond the Sectors on Podbean& iTunes. Beyond Addiction by Kit Rocha Finn & Trix‘s explosive second chance/reunion romance nearly tears the O’Kanes apart. Ana & Chelsea discuss how Kit Rocha combine high-octane action (pulse-pounding escapes, car chases, sneaky heists and armed stand-offs) with quiet emotional conflicts centered on the themes […]

Episode 5: Beyond Solitude

Find the newest episode of Beyond the Sectors on Podbean & iTunes. Beyond Solitudeby Kit Rocha Beyond Solitude features the most explicitly Hufflepuff/Slytherin pairing yet in the Beyond Universe. Chelsea and Ana discuss how incredibly grumpy Derek Ford is and just how much they love brave and determined Mia. They also breakdown the power dynamics […]

Episode 4: Beyond Temptation & Beyond Jealousy

Find the newest episode of Beyond the Sectors on Podbean & iTunes. Beyond Temptation & Beyond Jealousyby Kit Rocha Doubling your pleasure, Ana and Chelsea start this episode with a discussion of Beyond Temptation, Emma & Noah’s worldbuilding-heavy novella about painful & dangerous secrets, before getting down and dirty with our favorite triad, Ace, Cruz […]

Episode 3: Beyond Pain

Find new episodes Beyond the Sectors on Podbean &iTunes. Beyond Pain by Kit Rocha In this episode of Beyond the Sectors, Chelsea and Ana lovingly dissect Bren & Six, the cage-matches, the trauma, there-is-more-to-life-than-revenge tropes, flawed found family dynamics and the collision between the political and relational storylines as the O’Kanes try to unravel what […]

Episode 2: Beyond Control

Find the second episode of Beyond The Sectors on  iTunes and Podbean Ana and Chelsea giddily discuss the tumultuous romance between the King and Queen of Sector Four. Dallas and Lex have been circling around each other for years, risk and desire in balance until an inflammatory tattoo changes everything. In Beyond Control, high-stakes negotiations, dangerous double-edged […]